Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goodwill Stop

You are thinking correctly, I can’t call my Goodwill Stop’s random anymore. It seems to be a weekly visit. Yes, I think I may have a problem. I think it is called retail/clearance shopping therapy. Anyways let’s talk about the find/finds of the week.
Ultimate Deal:
Jabra 6430 2
Jabra 6430
Jabra 6430 3
A brand new, still in package and never used, Jabra Wireless Headset Solution 6430 Go. It retails for $119. I paid…are you ready for it…$1.99.
It’s pretty slick, I will mostly use it while driving, it comes with a usb dongle, so you can use it for any soft phone application on a pc, a charging cradle, and it is pretty comfortable. It’s a bit large, but for the price and for the application, it’s perfect!!
I also picked up two chargers for the house’s IPod, one for my van and one for the first floor, for $5.00. I hate having to search for a charger when this thing needs charged.
During this particular Clearance run, I found a rain jacket on Target’s clearance rack. %70 off, priced at $12.00. It’s bright yellow, the girls say I look like a big banana, I think it pops with color. We will see what Brenda thinks of it. Worst case scenario, it’s a new bright rain coat for fishing/camping. Everyone will know where I am on the lake!!
Thanks for visiting the old blog, and have a blessed, rest of the week!

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