A Change on my blog…

I recently upgraded my commenting engine for this blog. It is not a big change, but one that will assist me in moderating the few comments I receive and I wanted to let you, the reader, know about the change. It will only effect you if you comment or read some of the comments on each post. It is a change that adds some suggested links below the comments. It looks like this:

Bryan Hill's Blog- Product Review- Hamilton Beach - BrewStation

In the lower left are links to other posts on my blog that are popular. In the lower right are links that are recommended. The recommended links should be learned by the software and should reflect my blog content, eventually. In the interim there maybe some content that I would not endorse, I already blocked one website that had content I did not want published here. I will continue to monitor it as we go and would like your help. If you see an ad here that is questionable, please let me know. With your help, I hope this change is as seamless as possible.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I would love to hear from you. You can interact with me via the comment engine, twitter, facebook or any of the other links(icons) at the top of the blog.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

If any of you are looking for a pretty intuitive and free Comment Engine, go to Disqus.com


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