Saturday, May 11, 2013

Six on Saturday:

Good Saturday Morning.

This weeks Six on Saturday will begin at number one of course, with an article coming from Thorin Klosowski over at This Article It touches on some Chrome apps that are not so popular, but are worthy of giving them a try. My favorite from the list is Write Space, it is just what it states, a space to write. I use it to write up my blog posts before I even go to my blog publishing software. It is clean and clutter free. 

Second up is another article talking about Google Glass, via Matt Asay over at It mentions that Google glass is too much Google. I understand where Matt is coming from, but also see Gina Trapani's point of view, when she mentioned, pictures she has captured of her child would never be possible with a typical camera. I just recently got a new smart phone with Google Now installed on it, and I actually like the interaction it provides as it is constantly trying to be step ahead of me. The ah-ha moment for me with Now, was when it prompted me to leave if I wanted to be on time when Brenda's flight returned to Pittsburgh's International Airport. It new the route and saw that traffic was slowing because of an accident. It's all a little creepy that it knew I needed to be there, but cool at the same time. Glass will just be an extension of Now on your phone but will be in your vision. It will be interesting to see how Google moves forward with this beta program. Go check out the article:

Up in the third position, is some cool ideas on how to organize the workbenches in our lives. This article is another one that originates over at, this time around it's written by Michael Colombo. I know my workbench has never evolved past a pile of stuff, that I say I need to get to...someday. I am a scavenger, and always keep things that may work in another applications, but with that I have to constantly purge through the piles or bins of stuff. If only, I had a larger garage?!#$? Brenda will laugh at that last statement. In this article there are several great tips to help with my mess, that I intend on using.

Fourth on the list we have an intentional #Fail. This article was pulled from posted/written by Sean Buckley. In this article is a cool video of an parachute intentionally failing during a test flight of the Orion spacecraft. Go check out the video:

Five brings us smart phones that not only send satellite images from space, but also orbiting as the satellite. This short article with several interesting links was written by Carl Franzen over at I love geeky articles like this:

My sixth article is from Jon Fingus, via Yes, it is another Google Glass article, but it's another cool application for this wearable device. Go check out the video posted within the article:

Thanks for reading this week's SOS, have a great weekend!

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