Monday, October 2, 2006

About Me!

I thought I would post a little about me. I am stay at home Christian father of two that happens to be a tech junky! I work from home doing marketing for a family member who happens to be a real estate agent. My family and I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I enjoy attending and being active in our church, gardening, camping, fishing, blogging, creating and editing digital videos, helping family & friends with technical challenges, selling stuff on e-Bay and of course doing just about anything pertaining to technology. My wife works in the "Burgh". She enjoys most of the same things as I(not the technobable and such). One thing she likes to do is cuddle up to a book on a rainy day. While she does that I blog or surf the internet for interesting blogs and other things. While our jobs, our kids, and house work (which seems to never end) keeps us quite busy, we both enjoy being active in our church. Most of all in our lives our kids are, and always will be the center of our universe. Check back for some history of our family and some of the adventures we have enjoyed together.

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