Thursday, October 19, 2006


As a stay at home dad, I often wonder, will I ever catch up with the laundry?

It seems simple, do laundry until it is done. Well with a four year old that seems to wake up every morning seeming to feel the need to wear every possible color combination possible for that day, our laundry never is done. I now know why in real estate ads "first floor laundry" is appealing. I'm starting to think every floor laundry would be more efficient. You see me and the girls spend most of our days upstairs on the second floor. Most loads require me to stop and scoot down to the basement (two flights of stairs) to initiate the process. Then the girls of course figure out that I am not amongst their presence, and they wander down and ask me every time "what you doin' dad?" I can count on that question. Then once I am done (temporarily), which usually takes enough time that undoubtedly allows the girls to either figure out there is something in my eBay staging area that they would like to acquire or decide to play with my shredded paper I use for shipping items out to customers. Once I convince them they really have no need to acquire anything or they finish cleaning up the mess they have made. We head back up stairs to fold and put clothes away (except for the times the girls distract me with something and forget that I need to take the basket of clothes up stairs in order to be able to fold them. One might ask why take the clothes to another area to fold (at least my wife has asked this in the past) I don't know I guess I feel I can do something else while folding like watching TV or listening to the radio. I know I could probably do some at night when the girls are in bed, but I would much rather sit and enjoy some rather poorly produced television with my wife. (There really seems to be a lack of programming that we both enjoy, most of the sitcoms are just not what we are looking for, we find ourselves watching old reruns on tvland or abcfamily) Television programming really deserves another whole blog entry. So for now I must go, you guessed it, there is another load waiting as usual and one after that... and the girls are probably working on another as I type.

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