Sunday, August 24, 2008

How to subscribe to my blog.

Here are two ways to subscribe to my blog:
1) Use a Reader. Most blogs use what is called RSS (Real Simple Syndication) “feeds” which can be aggregated and displayed by what’s known as an RSS or Feed Reader. Some examples of free readers are Netvibes, Google Reader, or most of the newer web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) have readers built in. If this is something you’d like to utilize, visit my main RSS feed at
2) Email Subscription. If you’d rather have new blog posts delivered to your inbox as an email, you can easily subscribe here or by clicking on the link that states “subscribe via email”. You will then get a confirmation email with a link to verify your subscription. Simply click on the link and then each day you will receive one email with all of the latest posts.
By using one of these readers or subscribing to blogs via email. You can save a lots of time. Check out this video I found on, it was created by The Common Craft Show.
Hopefully this helps you understand RSS and subscribing to my blog and others.
I found this excellent explanation on Brad Ruggles Blog. I changed the links and re-worded a little, but need to give the credit to him!

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