Friday, August 8, 2008

Rain Rain Rainbows

Rain was the theme yesterday evening and all night. It rained right after we ate dinner for bit then let up enough that we sat around the fire, which is where our youngest fell asleep. Soon after our oldest turned in it started to really come down. It ended up being an early night for me which is probably a good thing. We all slept in this morning, but woke up to this. After this short rain fall it has been a very nice day. Mix of sun and clouds with a nice breeze. the humidity has been missing! Wahoo! The weather guru's are calling for rain again tonight, but after a day like today let it rain. God has Blessed us again. I remember a sermon by our Pastor Gary that was titled "Look for the Rainbows" When we return I will need to revisit that sermon from the archives.

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