Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bible & Aspercreme.......

This morning Brenda and I went over our Bible Study stuff for Wednesday, then we worked on the wiring for the second floor. With the renovations to the attic slated for the near future, I wanted to drop overhead lighting circuits in each of our rooms and closets. While we have access we may as well drop cable, phone and data cables into each room also, and do away with the cable running through the duct work. Hey, you do what you can with a 140 year old house. We ran into one problem....a single live circuit of Knob & Tube.....Argh. A funny thing happened today in the attic. The girls wanted to help, so we ran over some guidelines, like don't go near the chimney, because there is an unused shaft of the chimney that you could fall into. Well guess who fell into the vast hole that goes the whole way to the basement (4 stories) Fortunately, my 36 year old knee stopped me. Hence
the Aspercreme! It could have been a lot worse.

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