Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PPT – Positive Post Tuesday – Reciprocating Saws and Drywall compound.

So to be positive on this Tuesday, I must show gratitude to my reciprocating saw and it’s origin(creator/engineer) and Drywall compound. See yesterday I was in the middle of relocating a bathroom vent through our attic so it is not in the middle of our family room once the renovation is complete. As I laid on my belly to reach the duct of the fan I heard something bounce and fall 10 feet into the wall of my youngest room. I frantically looked around to see what tool fell to the depths of the second floor. I had my screw driver, my nut driver and the hose clamp I laid within reach. I sat and pondered what else was near me that might of fell, of course hoping it was something of no value or of a metal material so that my BIG magnet could grab it. I then grabbed the flashlight from across the room and upon shining the light down the wall I uttered “you have go to be kidding me”…….my cell phone is what fell. After numerous attempts with my magnet I came to the conclusion that I would have to cut a hole in my daughters wall and then patch it. Thus my gratitude for a reciprocating saw and drywall compound. Silly, but positive in a twisted way.  Go see Brody’s and other Positive Posts this Tuesday.

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