Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week in Review

Here we go:
  • Last Sunday with help from my brother-in-law (gary) we framed about 90% of the walls in the attic.
  • Monday I prepared the osb scabbing material for attic and bought insulation.
  • Tuesday I attended a school visitation for my oldest. I give all good teachers all the credit in the world, there is no way I would be able to handle that. They talked about what they are thankful, interesting to here everyone’s take on this. Maybe I can do a video closer to thanksgiving about what we are thankful. I also addressed a laundry crisis at the house.
  • Wednesday I removed beams in the ceiling area, to allow for cathedral or vaulted ceilings.
  • Thursday my Dad came to help me install the rest of the scabbing, to make the drywall all flush at the hip roof corners. The dry walling of the project is going to be fun. Lots of goofy angles.
  • Friday Brenda was off, we had a nice breakfast together, we wired as much of the attic as we could until we ran out of wire again. We then went shopping for lights, wire and she had an eye appointment. We pulled the girls out of school early for Doctor’s appointments. They both received one shot and handled it well. Went to Eat-n-Park for dinner for the last time. It was the girls choice, but It stank!!!!!! Food tasteless and service was completely unacceptable. In my experience most of this younger generation does not know the meaning of work.
  • Yesterday Brenda and I wired for recessed lights and insulated. We have about 50% completed
  • Today we have church and a birthday celebration for my oldest. She invited a couple friends from Church and School.
  • Well there you have it, my week in review. If you are still awake when  you get here…..Thanks for visiting and have a Blessed Day!

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