Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week In Review

This week in review for me:
  • Monday – The girls were off for Opening of Deer Rifle Season. Brenda was home sick with the flu of sorts. Brenda’s cousin Matt shot a deer for us. It is at the butcher’s, I can’t wait to have some of those butterfly chops.
  • Tuesday – Brenda left for Washington DC, and both girls went back to school. I did several loads of laundry, and worked on framing some exterior walls for insulation and encoded several weeks of sermons.
  • Wednesday – I worked most of the morning in the attic on more insulation, uploaded the sermons to the Church’s website and then went to the church for the eldest's play practice.
  • Thursday – I had help on this morning, my dad came in the morning and helped most of the morning on the insulation. I only have one more dormer to frame and insulate, then we will move on to installing lights and wiring walls for video, data, phone and electric. In the evening we went to church for Praise Team Practice.
  • Friday – I had to go shopping for a new coffee maker. I had gone out on Black Friday to buy a few things including a new $15 coffee pot. It is not worth the tax I paid on it. I will be taking it back this coming week. I bought a Hamilton Beach Brew Station. We had one of the first models of these but it leaked occasionally. It was clearly a design flaw. The new model fixed this problem with a simple screen filter. I am very satisfied with the way this particular model brews and it was only $25.00. I am thinking of going to get  another one as a back up. We are very hard on coffee makers. You figure ours brew once and sometimes twice a day, 365 days a year. Minus the days we are gone camping. I also needed to buy a new plumb stick(4 foot level) from Lowes. After school I let the girls choose where to go to dinner. They chose CiCi’s Pizza Buffet. After dinner we came home and watched Frosty marry Crystal on ABC Family.
  • Saturday (Yesterday) We got our tree up and decorated it. I made the best Spaghetti in the world according to my two little angels. l also had to pick up Rachel, my niece, and take her to work. About a mile from her Dad’s house a car was on it’s roof. It was snowing quite a bit, and it looked like they were just going a bit fast. Thank God, no one appeared injured. After we ate dinner Brenda arrived home from DC. Although, she was tired from the drive, we were all excited to see her, even Romy.
  • Today (Sunday) We have Sunday School, and Church. Then I think we will have Praise Team practice and my oldest has play practice. It is a 4:15 Steeler Game which we will absolutely be watching.
I have not posted something in a week and a day. I’ve just been busy. Thanks for visiting my blog.  Sorry if this put to sleep, hey it is Sunday, and Stats Suck!

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