Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Favorite Holiday Moment/Holiday Recap

Okay, you can call me a blogging slacker, so it is time to catch up. It has been chaotic here for the holidays, no not really, I have been enjoying spending time with my family. Brenda and the girls have been off for a week and a half. They go back to work and school on Monday.
We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent time with my family the weekend before the big day, it was nice to see everyone. All of us were there except for my youngest sister’s family, they live in Denver, CO. We exchanged gifts and ate of course. There was quite a spread of food, everyone brings a little something. Good Grub!
Both girls did get sick on the day before Christmas Eve. The illness was nasty, but short lived. By Christmas Eve they were fine. I was happy that we were able to go to my second favorite service of the year (my most favorite is sunrise service on Easter Sunday). Candlelight Christmas Eve services just give me the chills. Awesome!!
Christmas Day was great. We stuck with our tradition of staying home! We made a ham dinner for Brenda’s family and exchanged gifts. It was a nice relaxing day, the way the girls like it.
Friday morning we decided we would go shopping for some deals. I was shocked that WalMart was completely dead, there were probably dozens of return registers opened, but only a few of them had customers the whole time we were there. We were looking for a Christmas tree for the attic, but did not find one that we liked. We did spend our gift cards we received from my father-in-law, on a battery for the van. It struggled a bit to start that morning. So instead of being stranded somewhere we decided it would be smart to replace it, Merry Christmas Brenda. The girls on the other hand had their gift cards they got from PapPap in hand and were ready to spend them. They got all kinds of stuff! It is fun to watch them shop. The rest of the day was quite at home with leftover ham for dinner, Yum!
Saturday we woke up to 50 degree temps and decided with the highs going to run into the 60’s, we would do some work outside. First we replaced the battery on the van, then we ventured out to my father-in-laws house to install a motion light we gave to him for Christmas. For the rest of the day, we hung out with him .
Sunday we went to Church, then the girls went to a friends house while we watched the Steelers stomp on the Cleveland Browns.
Monday our attic project was placed back into the crosshairs. We framed and insulated the last dormer. Whew, done insulating until we get the new windows installed, and insulating around them will be easy in comparison.
Tuesday Brenda had a meeting at church in the morning, while she was there I cleaned up the attic, vacuuming up all the fiberglass fibers so the girls could help us safely. After lunch Brenda started drilling for wiring while I starting to install our recessed lighting, it was then I realized that the lights we purchased were too deep. So, Brenda and I both worked on wiring and got quite a bit of prep work done and about 25% of the wire ran. After eating some killer chili I cooked in the slow cooker (Our slow cooker is our best friend when working in the attic, who wants to cook after working all day in the attic?) The girls were invited to a dear friends house to make something for us for Christmas, they were supposed to go there on the day they were sick. While they were there, we went to return the wrong lights for the right ones at one of our local home improvement mega stores.
Today we will continue to work in the attic, wiring and lights. Gary, my brother-in-law, might swing by later to build some of the last four walls. One of them we will need to be able to complete the wiring. It is the one that our switches will be located on. We will be staying home for this New Years Eve, mostly because we will be tired. We will probably be sleeping by 10. I know for a fact the Bridget our youngest will not be awake when we welcome the new year, she always falls asleep between 6 and 8,  but Bethany wants to stay up. We will see if it happens.
Bethany, received a new digital camera from Santa, so I am going to have her take the next update video “Attic Renovations Part 4 – Insulation & Wiring”. Be looking for it here soon.
So anyway, this is my recap of the holiday. To pick one moment as my favorite is hard, so here is two:
1. Spending time with my family.
2. Christmas Eve Candlelight service.
What were some of your favorite moments of this Christmas?
Have any exciting plans for tonight?

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