Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In my inbox.

I received this in my inbox yesterday from my youngest.

HI I love you do you love me I bet you do, do you I hope you do and by the way I love to sing do you like to sing I bet you do cus I do lu lu lu lu thats me singing here it gos again lu lu lu lu by I love you.Bridget's Digital Drawing

I thought it was so cute, as you can tell we tend to have a bit of an identity crisis. But that is okay, I love getting messages like this. Tonight my oldest surprised me with “Dad, could we please turn the tv off for dinner?” I had it on while I was cooking so I did not miss the weather, we usually have it off to eat, so we can talk about how each others day went. I love to do Hi’s and Lo’s with the girls, even when I forget on hectic nights the girls still remember to do them. I think communication is so important in these early years. With time it will be critical that they feel comfortable coming to us with anything, right? Just a glimpse in my evening. Thanks for visiting and Go Pens and Steelers!

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