Monday, February 23, 2009

School Closed

Okay, today should not be a day of madness being the kids don’t have school. All because of this one band of lake effect snow. We will take it, maybe we will go sledding. It is all moving south east and hammering us.
Today I have lots of cleaning and laundry to do also. We have been busy in the attic. Last weekend we hung drywall in the high portions of the attic with the help of Brenda’s Cousin and Brother-in law. This weekend My Father-in law and brother-in law came and we hung almost the rest of it. I will be posting a video showing the progress we have made and what we have to do still. Because of the stairways leading to the attic, we have been cutting the drywall to size in the garage and carrying them up. Needless to say the floors are filthy. Thanks for your visit, hope this finds everyone rested and well on this Monday morning!
God Bless!

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