Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Thoughts – R U Green??

I would like to think we are a little green. I do have to admit, we don’t buy any Green products. They seem to be at least 50% more then the conventional products. We simply cannot afford that kind of increase on a single income. I take that back we do buy Arm&Hammer’s essentials refill units. But that is as far as it goes regarding our purchases. We do take other steps to reduce our Carbon Footprint. Like unplugging things we don’t use all of the time. Walking or riding bikes when we can, instead of driving. I only mow the lawn when it absolutely needs it, unlike the neighbors that mow twice a week. Recycling, although it is kind of joke, a lot of the times the garbage man just throws the recyclables right in with the regular trash. That actually disgusts me, why should I go through the trouble to separate if it is all going to the same place.
Do you purchase items, or take actions that are considered Green"?
Here is to being Green:

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