Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CT 2009 Trip 1 Day 4, 5, and Recap

Day 4 -

It was a busy one, Lori, my mother-in-law joined us on the eve of day 3. So we woke up and went fishing, and caught a stringer full of crappie and white bass. After fishing Lori treated us to lunch at the local Spillway restaurant. The food was good but it was expensive, I guess they have a captive audience. There is not much else there in Linesville. We also in the Pymatuning Wildlife Learning Center, another annual thing we do. We actually were able to see two bald eagles in the wild. It was pretty cool. Lori then took the girls to do some kayaking, so Brenda and I went back on the lake to fish the afternoon/evening.  Fisherman often refer to walleye as eye’s. On our way driving to the boat launch, a guy was walking through the campground with a net in hand and three or four big walleyes in it.  I slowed the van and simply said, “Nice eyes.” He turned and looked at me, like I was hitting on him. I quickly issued  a response, “I mean walleyes”. My wife busted out laughing, it was a little awkward, but they were, nice eyes. Of course Brenda has told everyone we have come in contact with about that funny moment, so I figured I would share with both of my readers. Your boy made a funny, Mom and Dad! While fishing, we actually got a glimpse of the illusive walleye, I had one on my line, had it reeled in almost to the net that Brenda was holding and it wiggled one last time and off it went. It had to be at least 21 inches. Oh-well that’s fishing. We finished the night up with pizza mountain pies on the camp fire. Yum Yum!

Day 5 -

Happy Memorial Day!! Went fishing but got on the lake quite a bit earlier (7 instead of 9). We had tried to do the early thing last year with the girls, but it usually just resulted in two miserably tired little girls and eventually a grumpy mom and dad., and that is so far from what we are striving for when on vacation. But on this morning it went really well, we (Lori included) filled up another stringer with crappie, a perch and another large mouth bass. Great fishing, but still no walleye. Gary (my Brother-in-law) and Gary or The Old Man (my Father-in-law), which camped on the same lake but a different campground that did not allow pets, caught  three walleye and a ton of crappie. This is a good thing, at least someone brought home some eye’s…We fished until about 1:00.

I have to mention that the weather this Memorial Weekend has had to been the best we have had in a long, long time. We had a little sprinkles on  day 4, but not enough to even get wet. All week we knew to expect rain on what would have been day 6 (today) for us. So we have been using Brenda’s Blackberry to monitor the forecast. When we got off the lake, the detailed forecast for day 6 was in. Rain, rain, and more rain. This is where having self contained camper would be beneficial. We paid for a sixth day at the campground and if we left earlier we would not get a refund, but Brenda and I decided life would be about three times easier to pack up dry. So after lunch, Lori took the girls to the beach while I filleted and Brenda started packing up the camper. Usually we are packing up leisurely to get checked out by 3, today we were packing up to get out when we could. It ended up being around 5:30.

Recap -

It was a Perfect weekend. Yes there were a few bumps in the beginning, but I feel refreshed and refocused. I owe it all to the Lord. He provides, even when things are chaotic and seem pretty bad, He will always provide! Thanks and Praises to him! Now back to the grind and looking forward to the next trip! Thanks for following CT2009 Trip 1

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