Thursday, May 21, 2009

CT2009 Trip 1 Day 1.

Camping Trip 2009 Our 1st trip Day 1. Well after a not so great start to our adventure hence the "On Our Way" post. We arrived at our site around 9:30. Yes it was dark, very dark. But our plan was to just put up the tent camper and sleep then put up the rest of camp the next morning. We got to bed 11:15 and daylight came early. We were up at 7. We had a relaxed morning setting up camp. I enjoyed sitting drinking coffee with my bride and just talked while the kids took Romy for a walk. After, the girls and I went to the play ground. I have to say that Pymatuning State Park PA Tuttle Point is not for us. The play ground sucks, and there is a lot of over growth. Maybe it is just too primitive for my liking. We did get a site without electric. That means we are kind of roughing it, right? The weather has been outstanding and it looks like that may continue, minus a few isolated showers
later in this holiday weekend. Tomorrow we plan on spending the day fishing. Blessings.

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