Sunday, June 14, 2009

CT 2009 Trip 2 Day 3 Comfortable

This fine morning of day 3, sit and think. I have always had difficulties just walking up to people I don't know and talking. I'm shy, what can I say?? Camping makes doing that much easier. I figure it must be the common ground. We are all here doing the same thing, with no expectations, we are just here to relax with our families. For the social butterflies, like my daughters, making friends is quickly on their todo lists. The girls made friends with a little boy and they have been inseparable since. The picture below shows the campers site right next to us. Fellow Steeler's fans and Pittsburgh Natives. When they arrived on Friday, we hovered between our camp fire to stay warm and their truck so we could hear the game and celebrated when the Pens won the Stanley Cup. Their satellite service picked up the game when our AM radios did not. They are a nice and funny couple. Camping makes
the "outside my comfort zone", almost "comfortable". I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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