Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer ‘09 in Photos 1/87 “Waiting”

Today marks the first day for Summer Vacation 2009. If we did everything that the girls wanted to do today, the day would need to consist of 72 hours. They want to go swimming to the pool, they want to go the local park to have a picnic, they want to hang out at the neighbors pool with the neighbors, they want to ride bikes at the local park, they want to visit with Grandma Black (a neighbor which holds Good News Club, once during the summer and once during school), they want to go downtown to Pittsburgh and have lunch with their mommy, they want to go play and swim at the purple park. Yes, another pool.
Well we are going to pace ourselves, if the clouds break we may end up at the pool. But, I do have to start packing for our next camping trip next weekend and laundry as usual, ooh, now that is exciting. I wish I could have a summer vacation from all of my house work.
Last night we joined a couple of families from Church at the drive in theatre to see Disney’s Up to get this summer thing off to a kick-start. It was a fun night. Bridget did not last through the whole movie, which is not a surprise. She has a hard time staying up past 8. Brenda and I were up at our usual time (5:30). Not much can budge this natural alarm clock I have in my head. Brenda on the other hand could have probably used to sleep in, but someone has to bring home the bacon.
I am going to try to create at least one photo a day for this summer vacation and post it here daily. So here is the Photo 1 of 87.  Almost every day Bethany has two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off. Our little dog, Romy waits every morning to share crust with me as I make everyone else's lunch. This morning she waited, and waited, and waited, ever so patiently for a couple of morsels of sticky pb and j on what i consider the best part of bread,. I did break down and give her a treat from her treat bin. She was a happy dog. Here she is being the awesome dog, she is, waiting. I wish I had just an once of her patience.

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