Friday, July 31, 2009

CT 2009 Trip #4 Day 2 'Bike Ride'

This morning started with rain, as any.of you know if you follow me on facebook or twitter. It rained until 10 and then it cleared out and was a beautiful day. We did not do much, our wood supply farm fell through this trip. All of there wood was junk. We found an Amish farm close to where we are. A great size bundle for only two bucks, and it is all hard woods. Great for mountain pies. The coals are piling up as I type. I'm waiting for the girls to finish up their showers. I took this shot on one of my bike rides this afternoon. In the first loop, where there are bo pets allowed, there are some great sites right on the water. I mean if you turn your camper to face the lake your awning poles may be in the lake. These longer trips are great because you have time to get settled in. Sometimes the shorter ones seem like by the time you are set up you are tearing down already. Tonight we had
Pork Chops marinated in a honey-mustard/italian dressing. It was good. Thanks for visiting.

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