Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer ‘09 in Photos 73/87 “3 in the Pool”

If you have watched my facebook statuses and twitter feed, we had a very busy weekend. A good one but a busy one.
  • Friday My Dad and I helped my sister, Lisa move into her new home.
  • Saturday we had a stuff to do around the house in the morning and a Summerfest to set up for in the afternoon. Our Church’s annual Summerfest was a blast great food, awesome fellowship and a wonderful concert put on by Chris Bray.
  • Sunday we had Praise Team practice before Church and we scrambled out quickly after the worship service to go to a Pool/Pizza Party with some great friends we wish we could see more often. We had a great time.
  • This morning I went to help my Sister’s boyfriend move some furniture from his u-haul truck to their new home. I actually fell climbing into the truck and really screwed up my shin. It hurts just to walk.
  • The girls and I took my nephew Derek to our pool so Dave and Lisa could get some stuff done. We had a blast, the pool was so crowded it was not funny, but the water felt great.
  • Tomorrow morning the girls and I will be helping my Dad pick up some donated wheel chairs for our Church’s Medical Lending Closet. After that I will need to get some house work done that I was not able to do today and won’t be able to do on
  • Wednesday. Because we will have one of Bethany’s friends here for the day. We plan on going to the pool if the weather allows. It should be a fun day.
  • Thursday I will be going through and cataloging all of the decent clothes the girls have for school so we have an idea what we need to get when we go back to school shopping on
  • Saturday. I honestly am not looking forward to this at all. I’m sure it will be very busy. But it has to get done.
  • Just so everyone knows, we only have 13 more days until school starts. It is a bitter sweet here. I love the time I get to spend with the girls during the summer, but I am tired of the constant fighting that seems to ensue at the the drop of hat. They are best of friends and the worst of enemies. I hope it is just a phase. The house in on the verge of getting really quiet.
  • Sunday will be a lazy day after Church. We have no plans as of yet and actually I hope to keep it that way.
Thanks for visiting and have a blessed week!

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