Monday, December 7, 2009

Family Room (Attic) Renovations Part 16

I can’t believe that I have not posted any progress of the attic since June. But we did need to enjoy our summer and that we did. I recently added two awesome tools to my collection. A Toshiba brad nailer and  Power compound miter saw, Ryobi of course. We recently got back to work on the attic. My brother-in-law was over last weekend and we built the panels/doors to our storage access areas. This enabled me to do the baseboard over to where we have to frame in our custom cabinets we are going to be building and one more door we have to frame in. Here are some before picture:

Here are some shots I took yesterday:

So now I will need to paint after I finish that last bit of base board. For this being my first base board job I am very satisfied. The fact that we are painting it makes life a bit easier, caulking hides some of the not so perfect joints. It feels good to be back working in the attic, I mean the family room. It’s is coming along, we can’t wait to be able to use the space. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week.

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