Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Tree

This year has been extra hard for us to get into the spirit of Christmas. Brenda and I have tried to understand why and we struggle to nail down the exact reason. Brenda has been traveling quite a bit, the girls and I have been busy with school stuff, Church has been a challenge this year as a whole and is it me, or is time just flying?It feels like it was just yesterday that we were camping and enjoying the dog days of summer, poolside. The hustle bustle of the stores with the grumpy shoppers, short tempered drivers and cranky cashiers is a great big turn off for me. Why do people get so cranky at what is supposed to be a great time of year? Focus people, on what is important.
I have to confess that guilt is upon me, not feeling filled with the spirit of Christmas, when we are so very blessed with good health,  great friends and awesome family. We have friends and family that have lost children due to illnesses or accidents, and I pray for God’s comfort to fill their hearts through this season of celebration. I can only imagine what they have gone through and are still going through. This is probably why I feel guilty for feeling a little humbuggish this year. I Praise God for the blessing he has given us and pray for those who may be suffering.
On to the Christmas Tree. The girls and I decided that since Brenda had such an intense schedule of business travel just before the holidays that we would wait to put the Christmas decorations up. So yesterday was the day. I put the tree up on Friday and this year I decided to put it in our entry way. I use the entry way as a loose term, it is not used as an entry way at all. Our drive way comes to the back of the house, so the Kitchen door at the rear of the house is where we and everyone else enters. My thinking is since the tree is late going up, it may be up for a longer duration this year. With it in the entry way it wont be in the way.
Wednesday the girls are off but Brenda is not, I feel the urge to bake some ginger bread men……..I love ginger bread men. Maybe we will do a video post…I have also been thinking about making a Birthday cake for Jesus, bringing the focus back to Him. This is something we have never done, but I have heard of a lot of families that include this in their Christmas traditions, which I think is very cool!!
So anyways here are pictures of the tree pre decorated and post decorated. The girls did it all this year except the angel and a couple they could not reach. They really love trimming the Christmas tree.

Brenda got a new ornament this year at her company’s gift exchange, it’s my new favorite. Although I’m not happy with their performance as of late, I’m still a loyal fan!!!
Go Steelers!!

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