Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tool Review: Ryobi One+

Two and a half years ago, I purchased a Ryobi One+ 18 volt cordless power tool, super combo kit (it is actually not available anymore, the super combo kit II has replaced it). The Purchase price was $150 and and came with a $70 rebate.  So let me explain what came with my package and some of the accessories I purchased after being completely satisfied with the original kit.
The original super combo kit came with a 1/2 inch drill, a 5 1/2 inch circular saw with blade, a reciprocating saw with blade, finish sander, a dust vacuum, a one hour quick charger, two Ni-Cad batteries, and big carrying bag. The original purchase took place at Home Depot, which provided a $69.99 rebate which enabled me to purchase the impact driver with Philips bit and 1/4 to 3/8 adapter. I have also purchased a 3/8 inch right angle drill, a radio and finally today I purchased a jig saw with laser guide and two blades.
Overall this combo kit is a workhorse. I would not suggest it for a contractor, it most likely would not hold up to the constant use. My personal contractor, brother-in-law, who runs his own construction business, has expressed complete satisfaction with this product for the average handy man. The tools are powerful, durable, and hold/use the battery charge well. The only disadvantage I have is the charger connections started to give me problems about one year into use. They just needed reseated to make a proper connection and has been fine since.
The versatility of this tool is amazing. There are several different specialized tools you can buy that utilize this same battery. Another great feature of this platform, is you can us either the Ni-Cad batteries (what came with my combo) or you can use the new lithium batteries with them also. As the batteries age, I will definitely be upgrading to the new technology.
Summary of Review:

  • Features 4.5 stars
  • Value 5.0 stars
  • Design 4.5 stars
  • Quality 4.5 stars
  • Durability 5.0 stars
  • Total 4.7 stars

Disclaimer: I in no way was compensated for using or reviewing this product.

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