Sunday, December 5, 2010

Adoption Fundraiser

Bryan and Katie Whittington, Brenda’s cousin and wife, need our help. The following is an email that they passed on to us and I forward to you. Thanks for spreading the word and helping the Whittington’s. Here is the email:

Dear Friends and Family,
In February of this year Bryan and I started the process to adopt again.  Two years earlier we had been doubly blessed with Aaron and Abryanna and were thrilled to add yet again to our family this way.  Imagine our surprise when 6 weeks after our home study visit we received a call letting us know that we had a 6 week old boy.  Elijah had been born February 23rd, just one day after our home study had been updated.  We scrambled to get things ready,  brought him home and through the help of our friends and lots and lots of prayer we had all of our money for the placement fee.  God showed us in more ways than we can imagine his provision and love through this adoption. 

Elijah's adoption is set to be finalized on December 23rd.  This is wonderful news since originally we were looking at sometime in March or April.  However, this means we are looking to come up with our adoption fees several months sooner than anticipated.  Bryan and I would like to know if you would consider doing one or any of the following:

  1. PRAY, we need all the prayers we can get right now.  Pray that the adoption goes through as planned, pray that the Lord will provide all the necessary funding, pray for Bryan to get full-time employment as he lost his job two weeks ago and pray for the birth mother and the selfless sacrifice she made. 
  2. Consider buying a Wild Olives adoption t-shirt.  We are so excited that Wild Olives Tees has allowed us to participate in their fundraiser.  Between 12/01/2010 and 12/29/2010 if you purchase an adoption t-shirt through Wild Olive Tees and enter the coupon code we receive $7.50 from every shirt purchased with our family code.  If we sell over 50 we receive $10.00 from every shirt.  They will keep track of our sales and at the end they will send us a check towards our adoption. 
  3. Please send this to anyone that you know that might consider buying a t-shirt with our code or that would also send it to their friends and family, post it on your blog, or post on facebook. 
Thank you from the bottom of our heart.  We hope that you have a blessed Christmas!


In His Love,
Katie and Bryan Whittington

If you will be ordering a shirt please use this link and information from Wild Olive Tees

Family Code: WHITTINGTON1203
Wild Olive adoption tees have been created as a means to help families fundraise for their impending adoption. Our goal is to partner with adoptive families to help them gain support from friends and family to offset the cost of their adoption, and in turn, help bring children home to their forever families!
These tees are available to anyone for purchase. However, if you have been given a FAMILY CODE by family or friends as a way to help support their fundraising efforts, please enter it during checkout in BOTH the “Enter Coupon” field (by clicking the "Enter Coupon" button on the left inside your cart), as well as the Comments section. This way, the family you are supporting is properly credited for your purchase. The family code must be entered to ensure that the funds go to the correct family.
Please note: the FAMILY CODE will not reduce the price of the tee; it will simply ensure that the proper family receives the funds from your purchase. Adoption fundraiser tees are not eligible for discounts.

Thanks for helping!!

Blessings to all!!

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