Saturday, February 26, 2011

RTH – First Floor - Update: I am officially a blind man.

  I have to start this post with a little history of how the end of last week and weekend transpired.
   So while I rented the sander, Bethany was sent home Thursday from school due to the flu…It figures, time is money when you’re renting equipment. On a positive note, she was not throwing up all over, she was mainly really tired. Thank god the family room/attic has a separate heating system, she in no way needed to by inhaling the little dust that was emitted by the sander. I was able to get the floors sanded in the amount of time I originally figured. I rented it on Thursday morning and returned it on Saturday morning.
  Our original plans were to go as a family to Lowes on Saturday to get the remaining supplies to finish this phase. These supplies included the stain and blinds that neither Brenda and I had looked at. It was something that we needed to do together. Well with one kid being sick, that was not going to happen, as a family. Brenda went to Lowes and looked at the stain, and ended up at Home Depot to look at their blinds, Lowes blinds were not what we were looking for. She verified what she liked and came home with her list.
  Sunday morning, Bridget was suffering from the same flu, so I, went supply shopping alone after church and picked up all of the stuff from the two stores.
Now onto Monday, this was going to be a day of staining. Well with two kids home for Presidents day, Bethany was coughing quite a bit and Bridget with the flu and a cough. I didn’t know how strong the fumes would be from the stain, I had to refrain from staining. I’m glad, because later we found out Bethany had a slight case of pneumonia. I decided that the majority of the dust creating phase was complete, I would move on to doing blinds.  We went with Faux Wood 2 inch blinds. I would apologize for the picture quality, but these were taken with my phone. I am having technical difficulties with the old canon. It’s consuming batteries like I consume cookies…I guess we need a new one. *sigh* We just spent all of our money on these…
When we moved in our house it had curtains, see through, lacy curtains all through out the first floor and some valances in the kitchen. This equaled, no privacy. We blinded all of the 1st floor windows except the entry way door with sidelights and transom. So here are the pictures with captions.
Above, is the living room, with leaded glass above the slider, we were not sure if this would look okay, but I like it.
This is the dining room entry door, with transom. This door/window would let the sun shine right on the same wall as the thermostat during the morning hours, and thus the furnace would not turn on, because that one wall was 75 degrees resulting in the rest of the house being 60 degrees. I know I could have moved it, but I didn’t. The house is now very comfortable throughout the day.
These are the windows in the dining room.
This is one of the windows in the kitchen. I can honestly say that I did not realize how much it bothered me, that our neighbors could just look right in on us at night and see me doing dishes, cooking or just talking while we ate dinner. I like having our privacy.
Curtains are one of the finishing touches, we will probably use the lacy things for now, until maybe we hit the lottery, or start accepting donations…..I kid!
Thanks for visiting and have great weekend.

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