Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Church Adventure: Week 15

As were camping over week 15 of A Church Adventure, we ended up fishing instead of going to church. Sometimes you just need to take a moment and enjoy some down time. Though we missed a “church service” we still experienced some great “God Moments”.
I mentioned in my post 2011 Camping Season Opener that we were in a muddy mess at our campsite. By day two, we realized that our site was not going to dry up at all, and upon taking a bike ride with the girls we saw another camper spreading out a bail of hay. Of course I asked him where he got the hay and he instructed me where and that I better hurry there were only two bails left. We quickly rode back to our site and I set out for the farm only about 1/4 of a mile up the road, as I arrived, there was a SUV pulling out with two hay bails on there roof and an a elderly farmer lady walking up her drive with the “hay for sale” sign in hand. I figured I could plead my case and maybe she had more in the barn, I had nothing to lose. She kindly said she had no more bails but she had a bunch of loose stuff if I had a way to carry it. I asked how much she would sell it to me for, after all I didn’t even know how much the bails of hay cost, she replied, “you can have it.” I went back to camp to get a couple of garbage bags (kitchen bags were all that we had in our camper) and returned only to have to do all of this a second time to get more. On the second trip back she came out to the barn with a couple of giant cat food bags and kindly chuckled at me and said “Son, you need to get some bigger bags, take these and fill them.” She was so kind and giving. That hay made such a difference at our site. It still was no match for the mud pit our canopy was over. We finally decided to move our canopy to the parking area of our site. This meant we could not actually stake the post/feet of the canopy into the black top, but I staked the strings that fasten to the fabric of the canopy. Fast forward two days, and suddenly it looks quite dark to the west of us. I turned the scanner to the weather frequency and a severe weather alert came across suggesting that we may experience some wind and hail. Upon listening to the warning we took shelter in our van and watched and listened to the storm unravel. I said a silent prayer for God to protect us and the other campers, as I did so the winds picked up and our canopy (not staked to the manufacturer’s specifications) looks as if it was hovering, not high off the ground but definitely hovering. Brenda suddenly mentions “we should put it down to protect it from getting so much wind”. But I quickly decide that would just make it more like a kite giving those little strings slack,  I probably could not move quick enough to tighten them all. Just as I verbalized that, the winds subsided and the storm presented us with small, but nerve racking hail. It too was short lived and then the storm blessed us with some amazingly brilliant lightning. As the storm moved out, I inspected the camper, the canopy and the boat and God gave us another moment., we suffered no damage. PTL…
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