Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kennywood 2011

We had a wonderful day at Kennywood on Thursday.
Here are the girls enjoying their slushies.

Here we are on the Jack Rabbit. Bridget and that tongue.

A video of Brenda, Bridget and me on the JackRabbit.

Here we are on the Racer.

Bethany and Lori waiting in line for the Racer.

Bridget on the Merry Go Round, without the tongue sticking out.

Brenda and Bridget going fast.

Lori and Bridget with Cowboy Joe.

Bethany and Lori in a bumper car.

Lori and Bridget again, swappin’ yarns with Cowboy Joe…

Bethany and Bridget on the Whip.

Random shots that none of us are actually in.

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