Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 3 & 4 of Summer ‘11

To finish up week 3, we took in a trip to Pittsburgh Mills. I was surprised at how many of vacancies there were in the mall. It reminded me of the Butler Mall back in the day when it was obviously not doing well. It was still nice to wander around and see some of the specialty stores that you don’t see when shopping the big discount stores. This is one store we have never been to, a Sears Grand:

Brenda said it smelled like a Kmart, we all thought that was funny seeing as the stores merged a couple of years ago…
This week has been kind of dull, cleaning and laundry has been accomplished since our van(the gas guzzlin’ pig) is in for warranty repairs. We hope to get to the pool tomorrow, but that will only happen if we get the van back. We are going to Kennywood on Thursday and to the Rogers Flea Market on Friday. This weekend will probably consist of cleaning the basement some more and rearranging some stuff in the house, to prepare for the next phase in our renovations, plumbing for our 1st floor powder room and 2nd floor master bathroom. Next week we will be enjoying the pool while preparing for our next camping trip.

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