Saturday, January 28, 2012

RTH–Powder Room–Episode 3

This episode will be video less, mainly because I don’t have time to record/edit it. Yes, on day 47 we completed our renovation of our newly installed powder room on our 1st floor. This project has been hurried along, as we decided to refinance in the middle of it and of course wanted the extra value of the added 1/2 bathroom.
These were taken after the walls were painted with no baseboard or shoe moulding.

Here are pictures of the completed addition. It’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago this was just a closet and now it’s a water closet…

Thanks for visiting my blog and checking on our progress. Come back this week to see how our Kitchen turned out with it’s fresh coat of paint after removing all of that nasty wallpaper. I will never like wallpaper, it’s just a cover…
Bethany’s room is getting a little bit of a face lift as well, I may include pictures of that too.

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