Friday, March 16, 2012

Random: Circumcise

Well, I have a man cold. While this morning my head was all stuffy, the nighttime cold medicine hadn't completely worn off, and my nights sleep was interrupted by a storm that seemed to hover over our house for hours…I was resting on the couch in the living room while the girls were talking over their breakfast. Something grabbed my attention, I thought our youngest, Bridget asked our oldest Bethany, “What was a circumcise?” I opened my eyes and was feverously processing my thoughts and how I was going to approach this conversation, without standing up and screaming “WHAT?!?” As the sweat began to bead on my forehead, Bethany said, “Hugh”? Bridget again a little differently, asked “What is the circumcise?” As I went to sit up on the couch, still processing, but with “WHAT?!?” being right on the tip of my tongue, Bethany states, “It’s one cup.” Whew…thankfully I then realized Bridget was asking:"
“What is a/the serving size?”
The past few weeks I have been busy doing a ton of stuff but not really accomplishing much. I did buy a elliptical from someone on last week for $20 and took it all apart, cleaned it, made a few minor repairs, sanded the entire thing and threw on a coat of paint. Here is the finished product:

One of the foot rests were broken off, a pretty easy fix, and who ever put it together from the store crushed a cable not allowing the magnetic resistance system to work. $10 in paint, $20 in hardware, $20 for the machine and about a day worth of work, it ends up being a $50 dollar investment. I’m glad I took a chance on it. Now the real payoff will be when the entire family starts to use it daily. I have used it, this is day three and I feel it in my legs…Here is to shedding some much needed pounds.
Last week I took Bridget skating, kind of like a daddy/daughter date. We had fun!

Now onto some more pressing issues. I feel a little bad, I was supposed to go have lunch with my parents today and help my dad with a few things around their house, but with this cold, I don’t dare go and infect them. Talking about shedding some pounds I do plan on going to the barber to shed some of this:

Which may be at least a couple pounds…pray for my barber.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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