Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012 - Week 3

Here are some pictures I captured during the week of Easter.

Here is Gary, my FIL (father in-law). My BDB, (like bff, Beer Drinkin' Bud...).
Bridget and Bethany each had a friend sleep over on Good Friday Eve. Above, is a shot of Bridget and Echo on our see-saw/teeter-totter. Is there another name? I don't really care for either those.

Above, is another infamous VSP (van self portrait), of everyone ready to go home.

I found this in the archives, Bridget on Easter morning in 2005.

I requested that she pose in the same position for a comparison shot. Where did the time go?

Here are some great shots of our two angels...they are growing up way too fast.
They both requested Brenda to braid there hair to give it a little curl/kink for Easter Morning.

A couple of more self portraits.

Here Brenda, Gary's girlfriend, took this of us in front of our church. It could have been a nice shot, I was so busy telling her what to do with my camera, that I look pretty disgusted. I don't have any control issues, really.

I call this "The Old Man & His Girls".

A nice picture of a great couple...

..and one shot proving, that the Old Man can actually attend a worship service and the sanctuary won't come a crumblin' down.

We made a point to celebrate his 59th Birthday while Brenda was in town and everyone was together for Easter Dinner.

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