Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Power of Lightning #camping2012

Yesterday morning we set out on the lake to get some fishing in. We were out for a couple of hours with one, less then legal walleye, caught and released, when we heard a rumble to the south west of us. We quickly stopped fishing and went storm ready, (rain gear on, electronics dry stashed, and throttle at full speed ahead, a whopping 8.5 mph) a true race between mother nature and our fishing vessel. As the docks approached our bow the clouds became darker, and the number of anglers anxiously trying to get off the lake multiplied. As I checked my tie offs before taking shelter with the family, there where a couple of close, heart pumping, strikes of lightning. REAL close... One of those hit a tree on a campsite adjacent to ours. My in-laws had stayed there all weekend. In fact my mother-in-law's tent was at the foot of the tree. I thank God for looking out for all us, during our
camping/fishing adventures and always. Another adventure is winding down, one more day/night of R/R/F.

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