Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

So I start this post with a statement from my almost 12 year old daughter describing how our summer vacation has been so far.
“This years summer vacation sucks…”
Yes, I corrected her when she used that last word. I kind of have to agree with her. We have only been camping once, to the pool three times, and doing a lot of helping with friends and family on a variety of different projects.
I am not complaining, I love the feeling I get when I finish helping someone, That’s what friends and family do, and constantly remind myself and our girls that we are so very blessed to be available to help. It just has been extra exhausting, our van has had no ac during this record setting summer. As I type it is in the shop getting fixed, hopefully with no out of pocket thanks to our extended warranty. Really, I am not complaining, we have a blessed life and I thank God for it everyday!
I have had little to no time to work on home renovations until this week. I will post some pictures tomorrow of our current project and post some of the completed main bathroom by next week. I have deadlines to meet coming up at the end of August. My hope is that I can get a few days to work on the tasks at hand to meet my deadline.
Family Changes:
My parents are actually moving out to Colorado to live with my Sister and her family. For those of you that don’t know, my Mom has Alzheimer's, and that just Sucks! (Now everyone knows where my oldest heard that word used.) Ultimately, I hate to see them move so far away, but know in my heart it is a good move for many reasons. God has a plan, we just may not understand it completely…
My middle sister is in a transition point as well, Her husband is actually working in California while her and my nephew are living here. They were going to move out there at the end of this month, but finding housing was/is a challenge, so they will stay put here in Pittsburgh for the time being. God’s plan, again is hard to understand…
Prayers for the Hill family during this time of transitioning are appreciated.

Here are some random shots of our sucky summer vacation:

The girls at the pool.

This is the tent my family used while I was growing up, it helped developed the camper I am today, at over 40 years old, it's in fantastic shape. They don’t make them like that anymore. My dad, sister, and I set it up for garage sale she was having. It brought back some fond memories of camping as a toddler/child.

Here is my mom as I show her my tablet.
Here are few that I have already posted onto instagram, so if you’ve laid your eyes on them already, sorry.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a blessed weekend!

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