Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Of Georgie(LOG)–Groomed, Cracked, and a Prayer.

Here is the before picture of Georgie, taken with my tablet:

And here is the after picture of Georgie, taken with my tablet:

Roar!! Not really I was only boring him, YAWN…
He looks pretty good and again it saved the Hill Family Budget a whopping $35 and it will grow back.
As he sat, I started to use my shopvac to suck some of his fur off of the garage floor and then it happened and I did not even now it. I turned to place the shopvac hose back in it’s place and there was my tablet face down on the floor of the garage, I quickly picked it up while hoping it did not break and then suddenly gasped. Yep, it was shattered pretty good. Yesterday was not a good day. Sad smile

It still works, it is just cracked a bit, well, I mean a lot. I am mostly sick over it because it was a birthday gift from the girls and Brenda.
I will move on, while viewing the world wide web through the cracks. It is only a device.
Oh how this reminds me how blessed we truly are.
† Join me in Prayer for those with broken hearts. †
I am done dwelling on this broken screen!
Thanks for visiting and here is a question:
Name one unique thing that you do, to save money, to stay within your family’s budget??

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