Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day 'Camping' Weekend #30DaysPrayer #Camping2012

We made it to camp last night. This morning I started participating in the 30 Days Prayer Challenge my friend Aaron started. If your intetested in participating, go to for all of the details and a great little prayer, that I snapped a picture of bright and early this morning under moon and flash light. You can also search on facebook for A Complete 180 or use the hashtag #30DaysPrayer on twitter. I would of inserted links, but I am posting this via a text message on a dumb phone.

This weekend we are camping with Brenda's family, at Shanango. There will be water skiing, tubing, and maybe even wake will follow.

Thanks for visiting my little blog and have safe, blessed holiday weekend.

"Fit me with your holiness and purity - Defend me from all assaults against my heart."

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