Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Photos

We had such a wonderful weekend, looking back when I reviewed what our weather was going to look like last Thursday, I had thoughts of not going. It appeared that we would only really have one good day out of three to boat and get wet the way would like. I am so glad we left it up to God and went anyways! We only had one night of rain, which meant we were able to avoid tearing down camp in the rain. We had such a blast with my Brother and Sister in law, Gary and Holly and Brenda’s Aunt and Uncle. Good Times:

Here I am just before trying the skis for the first time in almost twenty years. It was like riding a bike, I was able to get up and maneuver around behind the speeding boat. It was so much fun!!! I tried the wake board and was unsuccessful, and after three attempts my arms and back had enough. I also tubed the girls and yes, Georgie spent some time on the tube with me. He actually seemed not to mind it all, see below.

My Brother-in-law, Gary made pretty much everything in the water look easy. Below is him on the wake board.

Below is Holly and Gary’s dog, Harley, getting ready to try out the tube.

He did not like it as much as Georgie, but tolerated it.

Here are the girls riding with their Uncle Gary.

Here are the girls on the tube before Uncle Gary dumped them…

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a blessed week!!

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