Sunday, October 14, 2012

Random: Act of Kindness

Yesterday, Brenda and I created a list of materials and headed to our local Lowe’s Store. A couple of hours later and four shopping carts later, we were waiting to check out. A gentleman approached the line we had created with his one cart that had only a few items in it. I explained to him that we are going to be a while and that he could go around us. He kindly stated that he would be using his military discount and it would require a manager to come to the check out (the one near the contractors desk, it’s kind of isolated away from the customer service desk and manager’s office.) I insisted that he go in front of us and our four heaping carts. He thanked us, and started his transaction with the cashier.
Flash Forward to our transaction: As Brenda was getting our four carts checked out, I pulled our van and trailer around to the loading dock and pulled the carts out one at a time. As I was grabbing the last cart, I heard the cashier call a manager to approve a military discount. It caused me to do a double take, I quickly pushed our final cart outside and caught the gentleman that passed on this discount to us and thanked him for what he did and for his service to our country. We had a brief discussion, enabling me to learned that he was blessed to have served in the National Guard and loved to be able to pass on his discount when he was able to. What a great demonstration of kindness.
I often am amazed by some of the interactions I witness while out shopping. Our society is not very pretty or patient during interactions with strangers and what not.
This experience serves as a reminder for me and I hope it does you as well. As we approach another holiday season, I will keep this fresh in my mind, to not let the craziness of the season, influence how I interact with the ones I love, nor the strangers I will be rubbing shoulders with.
Thank you to the men and the women of our military, that protect our freedom everyday, here and abroad. God Bless everyone of you!
Have you had an experience, or a conversation, that had an impact or resonated kindness in one manner or another. Share it by commenting below or clicking here.
Thanks for visiting and have a blessed day!

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