Thursday, October 11, 2012

#RenovateThis (RTH) – Master Bath – Part 4–Blank Slate

I have not made any real big progress, but it is totally gutted and the floors are completely torn up.

I have leveled the floor in the dormer area.

I have removed all of the electric in the room, minus two temporary outlets and lights.

Yesterday, I rewired a circuit to the outside light on our front porch that is right below the dormer in the picture below. It is one of the knob and tube circuits we deactivated, back when we found them while renovating the attic.

I also installed a new ventilation fan yesterday, in the powder room, now that I have access to exhaust the nasty air to the external dormer wall. It’s not very exciting but is very practical, see below. It also makes for a great noise generator, so the whole first floor can’t hear what is going on in the powder room, I’m just saying…
We have firmed up some floor plans, with a great online utility called It is free, but this free version limits the amount of projects you can create. We just deleted them as we decided they would not work or we disliked them. As you can see below, we looked at several different ways to lay this master bathroom out. Brenda did most of the hard work. I lasted all of two hours staring at the screen, she continued to try different things while comparing dimensions of different fixtures for about three or four weeks, as time would allow.

Here are three layouts that we like the most.

Below is the one we are leaning towards…

I have chambers that are adjacent to our front entry door that I have gained access to, by ripping the floor up. I will be filling those up with some insulation and then continuing to place my new flooring in a temporary fashion so I have access to all of the plumbing I will need to install. Then it is on to plumbing, wiring, insulating walls and framing up a new, lower ceiling.
That’s what I have for now. Thanks for checking out the update.

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