Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day

Today I deviate from the typical Wordless Wednesday post and do a Words on Wednesday post, because it's a snow day here in Western Pennsylvania.
The girls insisted that we had to make a snowman, the snow was perfect for building out we went.

It was not long into the process and Bethany had the snowman named, Fred.

I know it won't be long and the girls may be too old to want to do this with their Daddy, so I took advantage of them asking me to come outside and play with them. I also took advantage of them giving me permission to take photos and post them here on the blog. (That does not happen very often.) I even got them to kiss Fred...he definitely is sporting a pretty sweet looking twig-hawk...I have to mention that this in no way gives them my permission to kiss anything or anyone else sporting a twig-hawk or a mo-hawk. Just sayin'...

I enjoyed building Fred with the girls. I hope they had fun as well.
What do you enjoy doing on a Snow Day??

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