Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Vacation: A Thousand Things

One last day at the pool, once again somewhat like a private pool, only a
few other members here.

I can think of a thousand things I could and probably should be doing, but
the girls wanted to spend one of their last days of summer Poolside, so
here we are. It is a great day to soak up some vitamin D. Get it while we
can, right?

We have had a great but busy time of it these past few weeks. We had a
visit with my sister Lisa and nephew Derek, and a visit with my parents, we
got to spend a day with my other sister Laurie and a day spent in Rochester
with family last weekend. With a mix of back to school shopping, amusement
park loafing, and working on the Master Bathroom/Master En Suite, It is
nice to just sit/swim with the girls.

Master Bathroom/Master En Suite progress: It's not near where I or Brenda
want it to be, but we are moving along. The shower is framed' the plumbing
and electric are completed, I framed up one stand alone linen cabinet and
need to frame one more small wall and then I will start to hang drywall. I
will try to post a few pictures in the next few days.

Feeling quite blessed at this very moment! Praying for people in my life
that are currently struggling with various things.

Bye the way, the girls start school on Monday. Here's to the last few days
of summer vacation. I hope you are enjoying it as well.

What was your favorite thing you did this summer?

Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a blessed day! +

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