Sunday, November 17, 2013

Product Review: Straight Talk Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
I picked up a pair of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (model#: stbwl021) from Wal-Mart recently, it was completely an impulsive purchase. I usually do a fair share of research before buying stuff like this, unless the deal is sweet. The purchase price of this item was $29.99. If you have ever looked at similar devices, prices usually start around $60.00 and go up from there. I bought them expecting the worse, using caution while opening the package figuring it may have to be returned.
I actually have been able to use this device every day for almost two weeks, and have found them very useful. My most common use is listening to my iPod while working around the house or doing yard work. I use them with my phone as well, when a hands free situation presents itself (the headphones have a microphone for two way communication). There has been several days where I have used them to listen to music/podcasts straight for close to six hours. The Battery has kept up with a single charge over night, each night.
These earphones have three multi functioning buttons:
  • Volume Up – Next/Skip
  • Answer/Pause/Play -- Power
  • Volume Down  -- Previous/Rewind
The buttons can be confusing, with a little practice they work pretty well. Short presses perform first functions; Volume Up, Answer/Pause/Play, and Volume Down. Long presses perform the second functions; Next/Skip, Power, and Previous/Rewind.
The comfort level of these headphones is questionable, I would like to say that after an hour, I forgot the device was on my head, but that is not the case. I won’t say they are uncomfortable, they are manageable. They did come with three different sized ear cushions. If I want to hear things around me I use the small set, if I am mowing the grass I use the large set. Connection with this device has been good. I have used it with my tablet, pc, phone, and iPod. Bluetooth does have distance restrictions which I have noticed when venturing away from the tablet or pc, but if the device is on your hip or in your pocket, it stays connected unless you have steel or other metal objects in its path.
My rating on this device an 8 out of 10.
I would recommend this to friends and family.
I was unable to locate this item on Wal-marts website. I found it in the electronics department, in with all of the Straight Talk accessories.
Package Contains:
  • Headphones
  • Small, Medium, and Large Ear Cushions
  • Charging Cable (Micro Usb)
    I have no material connection regarding this piece of equipment or its manufacturer.

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