Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Camping 2014

Other than some boat motor issues that we experienced, we had a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!! Here are some moments captured during our trip.
We celebrated Bridget’s 12th Birthday while we were there.

My Sister-in-Law, Holly and me taking a selfie.

A serious look from my Mother-in-Law Lori…because I surprised her with a candid shot.

My Aunt-in-Law Sherrie and Holly.

Lori and her boyfriend Scott. Not so serious here…

The girls with Grammy photo bombing…Love you Lori!!!

Georgie in his own chair, sitting by the fire.

Lindy, the escape artist.

Bella, Holly and Gary’s dog.

Sammy. All of the dogs behaved very well during our camping trip.

Kayaking time with Bridget.

Georgie enjoyed his kayak ride.

Kayaking time with Bethany.

Thanks for visiting the blog and enjoying the photos. Have a blessed rest of your week!

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