Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random: Thank You Uncle Harry and Dad!

Two weeks ago just before we we going camping, the grass was incredibly long, but it looked like we would not get it done as I was still packing for our trip. Brenda decided to mow the grass, quick and dirty while i finished packing. I love that she is not afraid and more then willing to jump on our thirty year old Wheelhorse tractor and git-r-done...
Then as she was just a few laps from being done, I heard a scalping noise that was not quite right. It appeared that a support rod that held the deck up on one side had sheared off. The rod owed no one anything, after supporting the deck for some thirty years.
We went to camp and figured the uncut grass was not going to go anywhere, we will fix the tractor and cut the entire lawn when we get home from camping. Brenda's Uncle, that lives two doors down, finished cutting our grass with his tractor while we were at camp. He is always looking out for his neighbors. We got home, and I worked with my brother in-law all week and did not get a chance to fix the mower or cut the grass.
Yesterday, I figured out what part I needed and called the outfit where it was originally purchased. They had the part and it would be $15. I drove over and it was not the right part it was longer than the one off my tractor and the threads were not long enough. They insisted that parts had changed and they did not have a shorter one. I went ahead and dropped $20 on the part which did not jive with the conversation I had earlier. On my way out I mentioned that once this Wheelhorse kicks the bucket I would like too get a zero turn, and asked what one of the showroom models costs he quickly rattled off $5800 and then completely ignored me as I continued my conversation. Apparently they don't need my business...onto the picture I posted above. Thank you Uncle Harry for giving this tap and die set to my Dad, and thank you Dad, for handed it down to me. I was able to cut the threads to the distance the part required to properly level the mower deck.
This morning I was able to make the mentioned repair to the old tractor, get the entire lawn cut and take the girls to the pool!!!
It was a good day!
Thanks for visiting this old blog and have a blessed Hump day….

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