Monday, September 1, 2014

A Night Out

Last night Corbin-Hanner performed their last gig at Jergel's Rhythm Grill. Lori (my Mother-in-law), Brenda and I went to the show. Brenda and I had been to Jergel's before for their house band, Father Time. It has great atmosphere for live entertainment and the food is good, without being overpriced. We did learn a valuable lesson, when going there for live entertainment, especially a band that has any sort of a following. Get there early. Door's opened at 5, we got there at 5, we heard someone say people started to line up around 4. There was standing room only, minus a handful of reserved tables. We were able to nestle up to a ledge behind the stage on the second floor, where we ate and where I captured the one shot of the night. It was a fun night, with two lovely ladies, listening to some great music. Oh, and I scored points, and grabbed a few free Cd's the band handed out, for Lori!!

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