Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thunder Over Adams (Photos & Video)

We started this weekend with the girls each having their best friends sleepover, Friday to Saturday. Last night as we were leaving for church the girls asked if we could go to our local Community Days for fireworks, the fireworks show is called "Thunder Over Adams". We have watched this show for several years from our attic window. I love fireworks and always have, they did not have to twist my arm too much...
Bethany and Aliyah hanging with George, on Saturday morning, while I made waffles.
Bridget and Echo hanging on the blanket waiting for the Thunder Over Adams.
As we waited we were presented with a rainbow...

...and also a dramatic and dynamic sunset...
and let the show begin...

This fireworks show was incredible, long and full of different elements.

If don't see the video directly above this text, click the direct link here:

Below are some photos that did not take like I intended therm to, but are still pretty cool.

We were impressed with the show.
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a fantastic Sunday and a blessed week ahead!!

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