Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Positive Post Tuesday: Safety Razor

Safety Razor

It's quite simple, Schick, Bic, or Gillette will not get one more dime on my shaved face. The cost of the multi-bladed razors are incredibly inflated. I saw this at Walmart the Van Der Hagen Traditional Safety Razor itself (with 5 blades) was $17.58 and I got 8 replacement blades for...$2.88 (the box said it contained 5, but it came with 8) I thought 5 for $2.88 was a good deal. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. That's $.36 a blade, wow. I notice no difference when shaving, between the multi bladed razors(I was using the Bic 3 razor system) and this single bladed razor. Now I just need to convince the ladies of the household to adopt this wonderful classic razor. Not mine of course, their own...

We will see.
Thanks for checking out this PPT and have a blessed week.

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