Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thoughts 4 Thursday - Pizza

I made pizza this weekend and decided to capture the steps with my phone...not sure why but, watch what happened.

Homemade dough  rolled out/tossed, docked, and formed to pan.

Pre-baking done. (btw, this part is just the start of it smellin' incredible in the house)

Crust cooled and coated. (garlic, parmesan cheese, and evoo)

Sauce, cheese, toppings (mushrooms and peppers) are on and they're in the oven...

And, it smelled so good and I was so hungry, I forgot to capture the finished product.

What happened here is so me, I have great intentions, and often adequate planning, but then forget to execute one the most important steps. Oh well, it was amazing and in my belly before I realized what I had forgot to do.

Has this ever happened to you???

Brenda would say, if you had a list this would not have happened...I dislike lists, but often need them.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful end of week and a blessed weekend.

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