Thursday, January 29, 2015

Product Review: Samsung Galaxy Discover S730G (mp3/Podcast Player)

A few weeks back, I was doing our grocery shopping as I do weekly. Something I do regularly during these excursions, is browse the clearance shelves. On this particular trip I found this prepaid cell phone at Walmart. It is a Samsung Galaxy Discover and it normally is prices around the $80 mark and  I was taken back as I notice the red tag...$10.00. I quickly checked the specs, it had Android, it had Wifi, and it was small. Those are three things that quickly qualified for a portable listening device (MP3/Podcast Player and more), not really a phone. So here are the specs of this device:

Processor: Single Core Arm Cortex-A5 800Mhz.
System Memory: 512Mb Ram
Built in Storage: 4 Gb Ram
Storage Expansion: MicroSD, up to 32 GB.
Battery: 1200 mAh

I won't go into the phone specs, because my intended use won't be using those technologies.

After thinking more about it, this came with a charger and a 4Gb Micro SD card. These two things alone are worth the $10. The added device is just a bonus, right???

This device preforms very well. I use Google Play Music, and create playlists especially for our Praise Band. So every week I change the set-list/playlist and this device automatically downloads the latest changes so I have it in the car or while I clean, or while I shop. I also use it for podcasts, for them I use PocketCasts from Shiftyjelly and have it automatically download the most recent podcast to the device so that I have it in the car, or while I clean or while I shop. As soon as this device sees my WiFi or any other WiFi (that is free) it updates and downloads from these services mentioned.

I place it into Airplane mode and then turn on the wifi when I want to get updates,  Doing this allows the battery to last a couple of days if I need it to. 

Anyways, that's what I do with cheap android phones, but I am kind of a geek. This can also be done with old phones as well.

*I have not material connection with Walmart or Samsung*


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