Saturday, April 18, 2015

#screenshare - Saturdays

On most Saturdays, you will find my computers, both of them, one on two monitors and the second one on the other two monitors, displaying this:
Yes, two computers with four monitors, would you have guessed my configuration to be any different???
top music
bottom left...lyrics for set list casted to the big screen for Brenda to review and me to edit
bottom right...set list via google sheets for praise band
top right...tweetdeck
This is what the desk looks like:
I know its completely geeky, but it works for me and my multi-tasking tendencies. The two computers are then linked together via the network and a little program called Input Director allowing me to control both pc's with one keyboard and mouse and literally drag the mouse between sets of monitors, it even allows me to copy and past between them, the only thing it won't allow me to do, is drag applications between pc's. 

Thanks for visiting and have a great Weekend!

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